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Versatile pieces to invest in this A/W 18.

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After the never ending England heatwave , we had to let go our dear Summer and welcome our cold breeze of Autumn. Autumn has always been my favourite season after summer lol not because of the cold weather but just because Layerings . It can be tricky sometimes to play around with all the layering pieces and trying to look trendy at the same time .We can get carried away so easily by the magazines, bloggers and whats in the high street which worry us about breaking our bank. It can be hard when refreshing out the wardrobe for a new season just to find out later on that item is never going to leave your wardrobe corner which is why these are the short list of my must haves that my small mind has created for A/W 18 and just wanted to share it with you guys. Continue reading “Versatile pieces to invest in this A/W 18.”


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% – review


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% – skin type – sensitive combination to oily skin £5.00 😱😱🙌🏾😌👌🏼
Most of you guys should be aware of The ordinary range. All the beauty gurus are raving about this product and it has blown up the internet.
I am always on a hunt for a good affordable skin care products and this one happen to caught my eyes. The packaging itself looks so professional and looks so chemistry it made me feel like it will work miraculously for my skin. The product information says high strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula bought me.
Although it did not work straight away it has made my skin a lot clearer after 2 weeks of use.  I have made it my routine to apply it only at night as it can be quiet harsh for my sensitive skin.
The product itself has zinc and niacinamide. 👩🏼‍⚕️Studies shows that people who suffer from acne and blemishes are low on zinc and also suggest that zinc are the most natural treatment for acne.It reduces inflammatory response to bacteria. Niacinamide – keeps the oil flow under control which is really needed for oily girls like me. It also reduces uneven pigmentation.
Overall I am really enjoying this product till now and I highly recommend oily skin girls to try this product as it does really do what it says and doesn’t break the bank. It really does keeps my oil under control all night and mattifies it until the morning and I can surely say that my skin has been less oily and has made my skin a lot clearer since I have started using this product. 💁🏽💋

If you guys have tried it out… let me know your thought  by commenting down below.

lots of love@soulofsrada

Mario Badescu drying lotion – review by combination skin



Trying out new products to your face to clear your acne or calm your skin down can get exciting or can be daunting sometimes . Both depends on the results of the new products that you are trying.

After hunting for the perfect drying lotion for so long I came across this product which was recommended by Sophia Chang on YOUTUBE. At first I was quite hesitant about this product as it does have a very strong smell (which i do not recommend if you hate strong chemically smell) . But once you swab it with a cotton bud on to the effected area it does give you tingling sensation and give you calming effect immediately as acne area can get quite itchy sometime which can get irritating  (hi5 if you suffer from this situation ).

The product sits like a powder form in your skin over the night but can be easily washed off with just water in the morning. It did not give me results over night like the people have raved about but after using it for quite sometime it did reduce my spots and did calm my breakouts.

As I am not a professional i tend to get help from Google to look at the product contents before i slap the products to the face. Having said Sophia recommending this product I also did a little research of the ingredients that really drawn me towards this products

– Zinc oxide – Calms inflammation and protects skin. It helps soothe redness, decrease the size of breakouts pimples, and helps to dry out oil production.

– Salicylic Acid – Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells inside the pore and also on the surface of the skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory (derived from aspirin) so it reduces redness.

– Glycerin – It  holds that perfect amount of moisture required to hydrate oily skin without imparting any greasiness.

To sum it all up  I highly recommend this products to people who has oily to combinations skin and who gets breakout here and there and are hunting for spot treatment that actually works . It is very easy to use, calms your skin and reduce breakouts … Well all i can say is good thing comes in small packages  xxx

You can get the product from Beauty bay for £13.00 

Lush – Ocean Salt – Face Scrub

Ocean Salt face scrub whenever my skin feels like a fish scale.

£7.95 Lush

I have just discovered this product on my friends recommendation a month ago and I have been really enjoying this product.

I wear make up on daily basis a good canvas is a must for a flawless looking skin and once in a while I need a good skin treatment and I feel like this has done so much for my face. . I tend to have dead skin cells and have lots of spot and overlaying a mask of foundation does not help my skin at all. So I was in a hunt for a good scrub for a longest time..

I will be honest , at first I was a bit reluctant to use this product as  I have a oily to combination skin and I have a sensitive skin.  This product has real salt textures and its gritty so I thought this product can be harsh for my skin .But from the 1st time use I could feel my skin different not only it helped me to get rid of my dead skin cells off the avocado butter, coconut oil and the seaweed really made my skin softer and smoother ,It hydrates my skin and balances the sea salt.  I don’t recommend using this product for the everyday use as it has a very harsh texture which might effect the skin. I use this product 2/3 times a week depending on my skin condition and It has really helped me a lot . I haven’t use this product in my body as it is bit on the pricey side but I am sure if this product works great for the face its even better for the body.

And of course it’s a Lush product so most of the ingredients in this product is natural so you can’t go wrong with it.

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am very Thankful to awesome blogger Stephanie Rehberg for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. She is an amazing blogger..You guys should definitely check her blog out.

The Rules:

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person that has nominated you.
3. Share 7 different facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
5. Link your nominees & let them know of your nomination.

Seven Different Facts About Me:
– I live in Pintrest. It inspires me so much that I can be in Pintrest all day everyday and not get bored of it. It is such an amazing place to get inspired and to share ideas.

– Green-tea is my HOLY-GRAIL.

– I am a Bargain Hunter, As much as I love shopping I love bargains. If I see something I like while i am shopping and the price is too high I tend to go home and search the same items on Depop, E bay and I can hunt for hours and hours until I find them or like similar kind. That’s just how i am.

– YouTube is my TV.. I love watching YouTube My Favorite YouTube gurus are Heyclaire, Beautycrush, StyleSuzi, Idressmyself, IlikeWeylie, Cocobeautea.

– I am 20 yrs young.

-Pistachios ice creams are the BOMB. I am not a big fan when it comes to ice creams but if there is a Pistachio flavour ( quite hard to find) I have to have it.

7- I am obsessed with shopping . By that means I don’t spend a lot of money everyday.It’s just how I live
Even if I am broke (which i am most of the time T.T)I go window shopping to see whats on offer.

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Thanks for reading..
Sradalovesu 🙂

New blog for an AMATEUR????

Pintrest image
Pintrest image

Hey loves
This is srada
so this girl finally got her game on and made a blog page.:)))
This is my new blog website where I will be posting new post every week (hopefully eek, finger crossed),and  share of what i am wearing and just to share my outfit ideas with all the lovely people out there.
Just to give u guys rough idea, I would like to describe my style more focused on my basics , plain and more on the comfy side
which are perfect for uni days .
As i am a uni student..:) i am always on budget so i like to mix and match my outfits more of the time..
So please don’t judge if i have the same top twice on the posts XD
Thanks for reading my post …

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